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Better Together makes it easy to find the perfect Internet, Television, and Home Phone solutions for your needs. We have compiled the top cable internet and television providers serving your part of the country. Our team is trained and knowledgeable about each of the products and is standing by to help you.

High Speed Cable Services
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In today’s world, having high speed Internet is practically a must. However, not all Internet services are created equal. Speeds differ, service is limited by data caps and what you can do using it can vary greatly. However, cable Internet is the best option in most communities throughout the nation. It is faster and more consistent than other types of Internet, and data caps are not imposed.

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When you choose high speed cable Internet, you can stream video, movies, download files in no time, Skype, and more. We are happy to offer our customers the very best options in fast Internet available where they live. In fact, all three providers are so confident of the quality of their service that they each offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Cable Services

Internet Security

SuddenLink Offers Better Security

SuddenLink goes beyond simply offering cable Internet. Installers who set up your SuddenLink service at your home will also take care of creating an encrypted network for you. SuddenLink brings the latest and best in technology and customer service to consumers in your area.


Cable Bundles

MediaCom Exceeds Its Promised Speeds

You get even more than you expect from MediaCom Cable. Independent government testing shows that the provider has consistently over-delivered on the speeds it has promised for years. In addition, it over-delivers on customer service, with set-up times available when it is most convenient for customers.

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Wow Cable

Award-Winning WOW Cable Offers Choice in Speed

WOW Cable gives you 5 different speeds to choose from for cable Internet service to ensure that customers have a best fit for their needs. The recipient of multiple awards for excellence, WOW Cable is very competitively priced.

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