Better Together

Join us to ensure a stronger Scotland, a United Kingdom:

The Facts

The referendum is the biggest decision in our country’s history.

We think that the case for staying a part of the UK is a compelling one – and it is based around a simple notion: We have the best of both worlds in Scotland.

What this means in practice is that we have all the amazing things that makes us Scotland and we also have the safety and security of being part of one of the biggest economies in the world. We have our own Scottish Parliament making decisions about our health, education and emergency services and we get to share risks and rewards with the rest of the UK when it makes sense to do so.

Alex Salmond has based his entire case for breaking all of this up on endless assertions that somehow we can leave the UK, but keep all the benefits of membership. It isn’t credible. The facts don’t support it.

We know that when you look at the facts for yourself then you will come to the same conclusion as the vast majority of Scots: we are better together as part of the UK.

Got a question?

We know that as the debate continues there will be many many questions that you will have about the impact of going it alone on our jobs, our pensions and our mortgages. If you have a question our team would be delighted to help you find out the answer. Wherever we can, we’ll point you in the direction of independent, impartial, expert analysis of the issues.

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The Factsheets

This is such an important decision, we know that you don’t just want little snippets of information. You want the full story. That is why we have created a series of factsheets that look at the issues, point out the benefits of Scotland being part of the UK and lists what independent, impartial experts have said.

We’ll be adding more and more sections between now and the vote. Don’t forget to share these factsheets with your friends, families and workmates.