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Better Together has today published details on donations it has received to date. It shows that almost 10,000 people have donated to the campaign, with the overwhelming majority of those being small donations.

When Better Together launched we pledged we would voluntarily operate transparent rules on donations. This disclosure meets that commitment even though the electoral laws and regulations do not yet apply to the campaign.

The information is published in three categories:

Category One: Donations over £7500. In accordance with regulations, people who donate this amount will have their name disclosed. A total of £891,000 has been received from 10 donors. The attached documents lists the details of these donations.

Category Two: Donations over £500 but under £7500. The total number and value of these donations is disclosed. A total of £54,066 has been received from 27 donors. This represents an average donation of £2002.44

Category Three: Donations under £500. The total number and value of these donations will be disclosed, but the names of the donors are not required to be released. A total of £173,385 has been received from 9494 donors. This represents an average donation of £18.26.

Across the three categories this represents a total of £1,118,451.

Blair McDougall, Better Together Campaign Director thanked those who have contributed to the campaign:

“We are humbled that, in difficult economic times, almost ten thousand people have chosen to make a contribution to our campaign.

“We have not received a penny from political parties. Every penny we have raised, we have raised ourselves from supporters of our cause.”

“Ten thousand donations is a good start, and we have plans to raise far more as we fight for the future of our country, working with the people behind Barack Obama’s grassroots fundraising drive.

Mr McDougall warned that supporters of Scotland within the UK could not be complacent with reports of a mult-million pound warchest raised by the SNP and with Scottish Government plans to use publicly funded publicity in support of their campaign:

“The last week has seen the nationalists announce plans to use millions of pounds of taxpayers money to distribute propaganda to Scots homes. To counter this, we need more supporters of Scotland as a strong part of the United Kingdom to come forward. If people want to see the continuation of devolution rather than the risk of separation, they need to join with the thousands of others who have given to our campaign.”

“Thus far in the campaign we have seen personal attacks on those who have spoken out against the nationalists. I can only hope that we do not see the usual patterns of behaviour emerge and that the nationalists respect the fact that there are two sides in this debate. People are free to have a contrary opinion. People are free to make donations to a cause that they passionately believe in. There is no place for personal attacks in the debate on our country’s future.”

1. The attached document has been published on the Better Together website
2. No donations have been accepted of any value from anyone not resident and eligible to vote in the United Kingdom. Every individual making a donation is required to self-declare that they meet these criteria. Regular checking of donations takes place in order to ensure compliance. Unlike Yes Scotland we are not accepting any overseas donations.
3. No donations, thus far, have been received from any large organisation or political party. Nor, contrary to previous reports, have we received any funds from fundraising events covered in the media. Better Together have raised all our own funds. A number of Category Two and Three donations have been received from individual Trade Union branches.
4. Better Together has Supportive quotes from a number of the Category One donors. These are available on request.