Better Together

Join us to ensure a stronger Scotland, a United Kingdom:


We can have the best of both worlds

We passionately believe the best choice for our future is to remain a strong and proud nation while benefiting from the security and opportunity we can take advantage of as part of a bigger United Kingdom.

Being part of the UK means more jobs, keeping the UK pound and more opportunities for young Scots. We benefit from public spending which is over £1200 higher per person than the rest of the UK. A vote to stay in the UK is therefore a vote to protect Scottish schools and hospitals.

We can choose the best of both worlds for Scotland. We can have a strong Scottish Parliament, with the guarantee of more powers for Scotland; and we can benefit from the strength, security and stability of being part of the larger UK economy. Separation puts this at risk, which is why we should say no thanks in September.

Get the Facts

This is such an important decision, we know that you don’t just want little snippets of information. You want the full story. That is why we have created a series of factsheets that look at the issues, point out the benefits of Scotland being part of the UK and lists what independent, impartial experts have said.

Get the facts by clicking here

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