Better Together

Join us to ensure a stronger Scotland, a United Kingdom:


Volunteer in Better Together HQ

The Better Together campaign is fast growing a reputation for running a powerful volunteer led campaign. We are made up of people from all parties and none. We wanted to post this advert to make those who might not already be aware of the opportunity to volunteer on our campaign. Volunteers can do as much or as little as they want and will be based in our Glasgow HQ.

The only thing we ask is that volunteers are supporters of keeping Scotland within the UK and are full of enthusiam!

Travel expenses will be met for our volunteers and we also offer lunch expenses.  Please email us before the 21st of December to become one of our Better Together Volunteers. 

For more information contact Ross MacRae at  To volunteer email us with your name, address, phone number and availability and put 'Volunteer' in the subject line.

This advert has been approved by Intern Aware.