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Thousands sign letter to Salmond calling for a fair referendum

More people have signed a letter to Alex Salmond demanding a fair referendum than responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the constitution.

The letter from Alistair Darling has now been signed by 27,385 people since it was posted on this website last week.

Calling on Alex Salmond to allow the independent and impartial Electoral Commission to set the rules for the referendum, the letter comes as splits emerge in the nationalist camp on this issue. At the weekend Blair Jenkins reluctantly agreed that the Electoral Commission advice should not be ignored. This is in stark contrast with the Scottish Government’s refusal to say that they will accept the impartial advice.

Better Together have also today launched a light-hearted website which seeks to draw attention to the fact that the First Minister does not want to abide by anyone’s rules but his own.

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Speaking about the response to the letter, Better Together Campaign Director Blair McDougall said:

“This is a remarkable response. Some Scots will favour independence, while others don’t. What we all have in common, though, is our desire to have a fair contest. We don’t want this hugely important debate to be tarnished from the start. We know that if we are to have a fair referendum, then there needs to be someone completely independent of both campaigns setting the rules.

“What Alex Salmond has offered so far is not the fair referendum that people want, he has proposed a fixed referendum that suits him, his party and the separatists.

“Faced with the polls showing that the majority of Scots are against separation, the nationalist response is to try and silence those who challenge them. They have attacked print journalists for writing the truth on Scotland’s membership of the EU and they have now launched an all out war on the BBC. Their next step will be to set referendum rules that muzzle the pro-UK majority while they spend taxpayers money on separatist propaganda.”