Better Together

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Steelworkers Union backs Better Together

Community, the Steelworker’s Union, today backed the Better Together campaign. We spoke to 3 of the Delegates at the Community Conference who supported Community’s decision to back Scotland’s place in the UK.  Tom Donnelly is from Mossend in Scotland, Sean Scorer is from Scunthorpe in England and Alan Coombs is from Port Talbot in Wales.

Tom “We’re all proud to support Community Union’s decision to back the Better Together Campaign and Scotland’s place in the UK.  Solidarity goes to the heart of our movement and our Industry; working together we can win this fight.

“The UK single market is as important to the steel industry as it is to any other, our shared currency, common tax and regulatory regimes help us to compete globally.  This is a vital fact that the Nationalists simply do not grasp.  But we shouldn’t be surprised by this; after all it was Alex Salmond’s Government that passed over UK and Scottish based bids for the new Queensferry crossing contracts.”

Alan “Working together has always made sense. It made sense when Trade Unionists fought for rights at work, it made sense when we steel workers across the UK helped to build some of the Britain’s great cities, and it makes sense today.  In fact working together ensures the future of the UK Steel Industry. Breaking up the UK makes no sense to me.”

Sean "This is bigger than our industry.  Each of us comes from a different part of the UK, but we are brought together through common values – unity and solidarity.  I might not be Scottish but I know that every one of us in this Union fights for the rights of a worker in Corby just as vociferously as we would for a worker in Motherwell – regardless of where we are from.  We do not believe in division of working people and that is exactly what the Nationalists propose. Scotland leaving the UK will not only put at risk hard won rights of workers in Scotland but of those workers from other parts of the UK.”

If you agree with Tom, Alan and Sean then get involved with Work Together – the grassroots network of trade unionists campaigning for a just Scotland in a just UK.