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Scotland and Team GB

The Olympics are a sporting event, not a political one. They are more a guide to how we feel now than a prediction of the referendum result. The way that the Scottish people have embraced these Olympics and Team GB reveals an existing truth about Scottish identity: that the vast majority of Scots see no contradiction between being a patriotic Scot and being part of a greater Britain. Most Scots understand we get the best of both worlds.

The Olympics have also confirmed how much the rest of the UK values Scotland’s contribution to the United Kingdom. The opening ceremony saw Chris Hoy carythe UK flag, Aberdeen’s Emeli Sandé singing Abide with Me. We saw Chairots of Fire, Trainspotting and Gregory’s Girl. We heard Flower of Scotland sung by Scottish children and the Olympic cauldron was lit by young Scottish athletes chosen as the future of Team GB.  And, of course, in the competitions we have seen English, Welsh and Northern Irish fans cheering on Scots as part of their team.

The Olympics are first and foremost a sporting event and the strongest lessons we can draw are sporting ones.  Being part of the UK enables Scottish athletes to shine on a global stage. Our infographic above reveals how the UK elite sport system has enabled Scots to become Olympic champions.

If, like us, you dont want the London2012 team to be last Team GB then join us.