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One thing in public, another in private

UPDATE - 7/3/13: Yesterday the nationalists were exposed, the leaked Scottish Government paper showed that privately, around the cabinet table nationalist ministers knew that oil is a declining and volatile resources. It showed that while they played politics they were privately planning cuts to welfare, pensions, public sector pay and the armed forces.

This was one of those stories that burned slowly at first. Although the newspapers were working away on the story throughout the day, the lunchtime news broadcasts only briefly mentioned it.  It was our supporters, taking to twitter and facebook, sending copies of the secret document to friends and family who moved the issue up the news agenda. The result was that, by this morning the leaked document was the top story in Scotland

Now we need your help again. We want as many Scots as possible to read the facts that the Scottish Government tried to keep from them.

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Too many people think that politicians say one thing in private and another in public. Sadly with the Scottish Government that seems to be true.

We have obtained a copy of a secret document which Finance Secretary John Swinney presented to the Scottish Cabinet on what breaking away from the UK would mean for taxes and spending in an Independent Scotland.

You can read it here.

This document is a confidential memo to the Scottish Cabinet from John Swinney. You can read the contents for yourself but we have added notes throughout to highlight what each paragraph means for an independent Scotland.

• That their budget plans are based on oil and that it is both volatile and declining. Independence is forever, oil is not. Privately they acknowledge this but publically they pretend it will pay for everything.

• That Scotland would start life saddled with debt. Again, the SNP pretend there would be no difficult decision to cut the debt in an independent Scotland but privately they admit it.

• They are planning for public sector job cuts, cuts to old age pension and admit that no additional public spending would be possible. In public they promise everything to everyone, in private their plans are very different.

• That increased volatility means more risks on welfare and pressures from an ageing population. In public they play politics with welfare, in private they are looking for cuts.

• That the rest of the UK would have an effective veto on Scotland’s budget. In public they attack Westminster, in private they admit their plans would give Scots less power.

• That Scotland would face huge costs in setting up a separate state, including £600m for a new tax service. In public they claim Scotland would save money on administration. In private they admit the costs would be huge.

• That Scotland would have to spend less on defence. Publicly this week the nationalists have attacked the UK for not increasing the number of troops based in Scotland by a large enough number. In private they are planning big cuts

Commenting on the secret Scottish cabinet document published by Better Together, Alistair Darling said:

"This secret report is a hammer blow to the credibility of the SNP. It shows that they will tell tales to the people of Scotland even although, in private, they know the opposite to be true. In public they tell us that oil will pay for everything, but in private they know that it wont. In public they tell us that they will spend massively on defence, but in private they are cutting the budget. Be it on pensions, public sector jobs or benefits, the nationalists have been caught saying one thing, but planning another."

Read the secret Scottish Government paper here. Read for yourself and see what they say behind the closed doors of the cabinet room but won’t tell you publicly.

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