Better Together

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A victory for the campaign for a fair referendum

The Electoral Commission have now published their recommendations on the question for the referendum and on campaign finance. You can read it here.

We are pleased that this impartial body has rejected the fixed referendum question which Alex Salmond demanded.

They have also rejected the nationalist attempts to silence their opponents by setting spending limits that would have given them an unfair advantage.

The commission’s experts have also said that nationalist attempts to gag business, unions and civil society are wrong.

However we think that once the referee has blown the whistle the players should obey the decision. That is why months ago we said we would accept the Commission’s recommendations in their entirety.

Over the past few months, we have called on the nationalists to follow our lead and agree to have the Electoral Commission set the rules. It looks like we have won that argument. Alex Salmond has had to concede that he cannot be both the referee and player in this particular game.

Thanks to the thousands of you who joined our campaign for fair referendum rules.

Now that the rules have been agreed we can get on with the debate. It is a debate that we intend to win. We are Better Together with our friends, families and workmates from across the UK. It is a message that, we are sure, the majority of Scots can agree with.