Better Together

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Events Page Launched

This weekend Better Together will be taking our positive message out to people in towns and cities right across Scotland.  

To make sure that you have the chance to get involved we have launched our innovative new events page which allows you to search for events near you. 

We are currently posting all the events for the National Campaign Weekend which will take place this Saturday and Sunday.  We also have one or two events happening on Friday. 

To find an event near you just click here and enter your postcode

There are dozens of local events up on the website and more and more local groups are sending us details of local activity - so if you don’t see something happening near you please check back later.

If you can’t make it to one of these group event, or if you want to get active in your own neighbourhood you can download our activists guide which has some easy actions you can take. You can help take the message to your friends and neighbours.