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01 September 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Iain McGill

Iain is from Leith. He says you can see the benefits of being part of the UK in your everyday life. Read more here...

01 September 2014

Say No Thanks to keep our universities world class

A group of leading academics have today said that independence would put the funding which delivers world class research at Scottish universities at risk. Read more here…

31 August 2014

SNP defence plans “amateurish and unrealistic” says former NATO chief.

A former senior NATO chief has slammed the SNP’s defence plans for a separate Scotland as “amateurish and unrealistic”. Read more here...

31 August 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Chris Young

Chris is a 23 year old management consultant from Edinburgh. Read why he's saying No Thanks to separation...

31 August 2014

Being part of the UK keeps costs down for Scottish families

Being part of the larger UK economy keeps every day costs down for families in Scotland. If we vote for independence the experts are clear that how much we pay for our things like our energy and shopping bills would increase. Read more here…

30 August 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Paul Condy

Paul Condy has never been involved in politics. He's from Southport originally but now lives in Stornoway with his wife and children. Here he tells us why he is saying No Thanks to separation...

30 August 2014

Salmond’s currency chaos exposed

In a radio interview yesterday, Alex Salmond admitted that the pound is not an asset of the United Kingdom, blowing apart all of his assertions about currency and debt in a separate Scotland. Read more here...

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