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16 April 2014

Better Together launches ‘Best of Both Worlds’ advertising campaign

Better Together will next week launch its advertising campaign, with the key message that Scotland can have the Best of Both Worlds: a Scottish Parliament with more powers guaranteed – and more opportunities as part of the UK. Read more here…

15 April 2014

Defence industry jobs are best protected by remaining in the UK

Forces Together held an event yesterday, to highlight the defence jobs benefits from being in the UK for areas like Inverclyde and throughout the whole of Scotland. Read more here

14 April 2014

Staying in the UK is best for defence and jobs in Scotland - Coaker

The UK's Armed Forces and defence industry are the greatest in the world, says Shadow Defence Secretary Vernon Coaker. The only way to keep it that way is to keep the UK together. Read more here...

12 April 2014

SNP should ditch separation and support devolution if there’s a No vote in September, say Scots

A new YouGov poll published today reveals that the majority of Scots want the SNP to get behind proposals for further devolution to the Scottish Parliament if there is a No vote in September, rather than campaigning for another referendum on separation. Read more here…

12 April 2014

‘Whatever way you look at it we in Scotland are stronger and better together as part of the UK’

In an article in today's Scottish Daily Mail, Better Together leader Alistair Darling says that whether it's arguments of the heart or the head, whatever way you look at it we in Scotland are better and stronger together in the United Kingdom. Read the article here...

11 April 2014

Devolution is the settled will of the Scottish people, new poll confirms

A new poll by YouGov confirms that there is a clear majority in Scotland in favour of further devoltuion within the UK. The survey of over 1100 Scots also found that almost 1/3 of SNP voters prefer devolution to leaving the UK> Read more here...

10 April 2014

New poll shows opposition to a currency union in the rest of the UK

New poll published today revealed strong opposition to a currency union from people living elsewhere in the UK. Better Together said that Alex Salmond needs to tell the people of Scotland what would replace the Pound if we left the UK. Read more here

10 April 2014

Campaign to keep Scotland in the UK increases lead, new poll reveals

The campaign for Scotland to remain in the UK has increased its lead, a new poll published today has revealed.

10 April 2014

Lower energy bills as part of the UK

Being part of the UK keeps energy bills down and sustains thousands of green jobs in Scotland. Working together across the UK means that we can unlock our huge renewables potential and reduce families’ bills by up to £189. Read more here…